Yangshuo Park Mountain : The Sun Rises in the East
Ella sits in one of the windows at Yangshuo Park's pagoda

Yangshuo Park's mountain is without a doubt the easiest hike in Yangshuo, but don't let that fool you into thinking it doesn't have anything to offer.

The park itself is frequented by locals. There's almost always multiple sources of music fighting for air space, blasted from mobile speakers. Morning is the best time to watch people exercising, practising Tai Chi or throwing wild shapes.

Three pictures: Ella stands in dramatic light behind a pillar. A towering spire seen from halfway up the mountain. Ella looks out from the balcony on the lower pavilion.

Yangshuo Park mountain takes less than 5 minutes to climb for the fit and healthy. Stone steps lead up to an ornate pavilion at the halfway point. Even at this height, views over the distant mountains are wonderful.

Make your way to the top of the park's mountain and you'll find a stone pagoda complete with balcony and table. The perfect place for a picnic or a game of Chinese chess. Views from here allow you to watch the sunrise or the town wake from its slumber.

The sleepy town of Yangshuo wakes at dawn, blue and pink in the twilight.

Both tourists and Yangshuo locals visit the park throughout the day so you never quite know who you'll bump into. Whether that's a group of drunken, grey-bearded Chinese men who are belly-laughing and helping each other up the steps, or a couple of veteran travellers regaling you with exotic tales.

For the adventurous, a passage to the left of the main pathway near the pagoda leads to a rocky outcropping. The easy scrambling here is the way to the true summit and the best views. Most of Yangshuo can be seen. West street down below, Tv Tower behind you, the Li river laying in front of a row of towering bamboo is directly ahead, and behind that - mountains. The gateway to Xingping and the rising sun.

Ella sits at the summit, looking out towards Xing Ping, the Li River, distant mountains and the rising sun.

The route is so short that it's a must-see for anybody visiting the area and the easiest place to watch the sunrise. I recommend both!

        Words & Photography: Scott Norris (@radventuresofficial) // Summer 2019

Map and Directions

To Get To Yangshuo Park Mountain

The park is located along Pan Tao Road (蟠桃路). At western end of Pan Tao Road is a petrol station.

From here head east for 1km until you reach a large intersection.

On the left-hand side of the intersection is a large car park. This is the car park for Yangshuo Park.

Head through the gateway (to the right of the car park) into the park.


  1. Pass through the gateway at the entrance to Yangshuo Park and keep straight until you reach a large concrete court on your right.

  2. Turn left here, passing alongside enclosed theme park attractions.

  3. At the next opportunity turn left (opposite a large monument on your right).

  4. You will see the steps ascending at the end of this path. There is a small (dirty) cave at the bottom.

  5. The steps lead up to a pavillion and viewing platform before ascending to the summit pagoda.

  6. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to visit Yangshuo Park Mountain's true summit then turn left just before the pagoda down a dirt pathway.

  7. At the end of the pathway is a rocky outcropping. Take the easy scramble to the summit

  8. From here, retrace your steps back into the park