Xianrentai (仙人台) : The Best View In China

Trail Map

Seen from a drone, the cliffside perch of Xianrentai, the Li River below and mountains behind

Xianrentai is without a doubt my favourite viewpoint in Yangshuo. It's the best view I've come across in my lifetime.

Everything aligns perfectly for this viewpoint, which is perched on the edge of a cliffside.

A photographer photographs the horseshoe bend in the Li River

Between you and the Li River, 400 meters below, is a sheer vertical drop off. It's so vertical that the sides of Xianrentai viewpoint cannot be seen whilst stood upon it.

In Chinese, Xianren(仙人)is a celestial deity and tai (台) here means a stage or a pedestal. There is no direct translation. Fairy Stage is the name given by some, but I don't think this accurately represents the magnitude of the beauty on offer here. Perhaps Fairyland pedestal? Even this doesn't quite ring true.

Rendered in red and pink, an infrared image of viewpoint. People look on in awe.

One thing is certain. It is a viewpoint fit for the gods. A throne-like no other, from which to appreciate the glory on display.

It has to be seen to be believed and of all the places on this website, this is the destination I would most recommend.

It's a view to win hearts, change minds, end conflicts and create peace. If looking out from this viewpoint doesn't move you, nothing will.

A lone figure whoops as the sun rises behind him and the epic display of mountains and river

When I came to China, I set out to find views like this one. I knew they were out there. We all have the potential to experience incredible things. This spot is nature in perfect harmony.

Left and right, as far as the eye can see, mountains stretch ever on. One after the other. Layer upon layer.

Each is unique, but together they are one. Like a wolfpack howling at the sun, they raise their heads in unison. Gazes fixed eternally towards the sky.

        Words & Photography: Scott Norris (@radventuresofficial) // Summer 2019