Cangshan (苍山) : The 4000m Ridge

Trail Map

A lone hiker makes her way over a misty, dramatic ridgeline

If you've come here from YouTube, welcome! It's funny how life goes. At one point I was working on this website every day to try and make it into something that could sustain my life. That dream was shattered when I broke up with my previous girlfriend, who features heavily throughout the site. These days I'm following a different path.

Hiking couple look out from the forest onto Erhai Lake below

No words can describe the feeling of overcoming the windstorm we faced better than the film we made. Suffice to say it was the greatest challenge I've faced on a mountaintop to date. The fog, wind, altitude and our heavy backpacks were a potent cocktail.

The many jagged offshoots of Cangshan align like waves on the ocean

The views on Cangshan are sublime. There are characteristic zones that you pass through at different elevations which keep the hike full of excitement and magic. Nothing beats the feeling of looking down at Dali and Cangshan, 2400m below. it's quite a drop.

A snow-filled scene. Dramatic morning sunlight breaks through rising cloud

Winter conditions on the mountain are remarkable and I would love to have the experience and knowledge to come back in the heart of winter one day and see what wonders await. I'm sure it's a land not witnessed by many.

        Words & Photography: Scott Norris (@radventuresofficial) // Autumn 2020